Space Precinct Reloaded creators to attend BCM May

Chris Thompson is a local artist and writer. In addition to writing the Space Precinct: Reloaded comic, he has produced much artwork for various projects including Thunderbirds and Doctor Who. He is possibly most well known for “Dalek Stainly”, a stylised Stained Glass Dalek created for the Doctor Who Audio Adventure, “Order of the Daleks.”

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Katie O’Kane joins stellar list of Small Press

Catherine O’Kane is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She graduated with a BA honours in Design and Communications from University of Ulster in 2010. In the same year was awarded a Residency at the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris from the Royal Dublin Society Student Art Awards with her short film ‘Prelude’ which was … Read more

Andy Luke to attend February Comic Mart

Andy Luke is a cartoonist and prose novelist from Belfast. His recent comic, ‘We Shall Not Be Stapled’, is a multi-creative jam with Northern Irish humour at it’s core. He’ll be selling copies of that irreverent anthology, along with books by collaborators, Dubliner John Robbins and Brighton-spark Sean Duffield. Andy’s widely read ‘Hold the Phones, It’s … Read more

Kalnins & Krever to attend February Comic Mart

Rolands Kalnins is a professional Comic/Concept artist and Illustrator from Latvia. I’ve worked on titles like Tales Of The Fractured Mind, The Catalyst, CSDD, Stupid Parasites and many more. He’s known for drawing terrifying creatures and beautiful women.

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Michael Gordon to attend February Comic Mart

Michael Gordon is a comics writer from Northern Ireland. He is the writer of Transdimensional, a 4-issue sci-fi/horror miniseries that is being published by TPub Comics in the UK. It tells the story of Deacon Price, an underwater archaeologist who charters an expedition, under false pretences, to a downed Soviet submarine that has been missing for decades. The horrors he and his crew find down there will change their lives forever, as well as potentially the lives of everyone they’ve ever known!

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