Space Precinct Reloaded creators to attend BCM May

Chris Thompson is a local artist and writer. In addition to writing the Space Precinct: Reloaded comic, he has produced much artwork for various projects including Thunderbirds and Doctor Who. He is possibly most well known for “Dalek Stainly”, a stylised Stained Glass Dalek created for the Doctor Who Audio Adventure, “Order of the Daleks.”

Connor Flanagan is an Irish Comic Book Artist based in Clonmore, Country Tyrone Northern Ireland. Connor’s love of Illustration and of Film and Video had in part been inspired by the works of Producer ‘Gerry Anderson’ and the many classic TV shows he produced, and so in 2017 when Connor was offered an exciting opportunity to work with ‘Anderson Entertainment’ Creator of TV Shows like ‘Thunderbirds’, ‘Captain Scarlet’ and ‘Space 1999’, and a chance to return to a career in Illustration he jumped at the chance. Subsequently this lead to the launch of ‘Space Precinct Reloaded’ in 2018, a comic book based on the 90’s TV Series, for which he provided the Pencils and Inks.

Space Precinct Reloaded is a brand new revival of the 1994 action TV show Space Precinct. This new version written by Chris Thompson and drawn by Connor Flanagan brings us back to an earlier more dangerous Demeter City.


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