Andy Luke to attend February Comic Mart

Andy Luke is a cartoonist and prose novelist from Belfast. His recent comic, ‘We Shall Not Be Stapled’, is a multi-creative jam with Northern Irish humour at it’s core. He’ll be selling copies of that irreverent anthology, along with books by collaborators, Dubliner John Robbins and Brighton-spark Sean Duffield.

Andy’s widely read ‘Hold the Phones, It’s Alex Jones’ comics were adapted into his debut novel, ‘Axel America and the U.S. Election Race’. Frighteningly prescient on Trump, and therefore surreal to the point of scientific, Andy has not sold out. Also a festival runner; co-producer and host of ‘The Invisible Artist’, an NVTV doc on Belfast’s comics history, so why not check that out on Youtube tonight?

Facebook: @spider.confuser
Twitter: @andrewluke

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