Belfast City Comics to attend February Comic Mart

In 2012 David Louden released the roman á clef novel, Lost Angeles. Since then he has been published regularly on the anthology short story site, Literally Stories, and in the University of Rhodes’ school for the Advancement of English’s biannual poetry magazine, New Coin.

Having drawn comparisons to Charles Bukowski; largely due to his 2015 novel White Mexicans.  Louden has recently steered off from his signature biographical prose.  Last year saw the release of Heroes of Hollywood Boulevard, a superhero-heist novel centring around the individuals working Los Angeles’ most famous street.

Since the end of 2016, he has been working on a six-part Noir-Comedy called Henry Roscoe along with establishing Belfast City Comics, a creator-centric platform with the sole goal to provide an opportunity for artists to showcase what they can do.  Belfast City Comics has three publications to its name at present, with a further five scheduled for 2018.



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