Space Precinct Reloaded creators to attend BCM May

Chris Thompson is a local artist and writer. In addition to writing the Space Precinct: Reloaded comic, he has produced much artwork for various projects including Thunderbirds and Doctor Who. He is possibly most well known for “Dalek Stainly”, a stylised Stained Glass Dalek created for the Doctor Who Audio Adventure, “Order of the Daleks.” Read more

Katie O’Kane joins stellar list of Small Press

Catherine O’Kane is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She graduated with a BA honours in Design and Communications from University of Ulster in 2010.

In the same year was awarded a Residency at the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris from the Royal Dublin Society Student Art Awards with her short film ‘Prelude’ which was also screened at Thurrock International Film Festival in 2012.

O’Kane subsequently completed various freelance animation projects, including “The Deep Dark Wood” for Culture Night at The Model, Sligo and the animated short ‘Cuimhne An Domhnaigh’ for a smartphone application and animation series for the BBC.

She has recently completed a professional storyboard  training course in The Animation Workshop,Viborg. She works within the field of digital art, using a Wacom tablet and painting programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Her illustrative work tends to vary in style from anime/manga style to traditional realism.

Local artist Holly Grimes returns for Comic Mart

Holly Grimes is a local cartooney-manga artist who does illustrations and comics in her free time and is never seen without her trusty moleskine for doodling.

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Dublin artist Anthea West headed for May Comic Mart

We have several new creators taking part in May’s Star Wars themed Comic Mart, over the coming weeks we’ll be having a look at who is joining us for Comic Mart! Read more

Patrick Mullholland to attend BCM May

Patrick Mulholland is a comic book artist and writer from Belfast. His recent sci-fi adventure series ‘Zero Jumper’ was released this year by Alterna Comics.

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Colin Arthurs to attend May Comic Mart

Local artist Colin Arthur’s works as an official Star Wars sketch card Artist for the Topps Trading Card Company. Read more

Ruairi Coleman to join us for Star Wars Comic Mart

Lurgan based comic artist, currently drawing KISS/Army of Darkness for Dynamite Comics.

Previously Ruairí provided artwork for numerous issues of Panini’s Star Wars: Rebels comic and adapted Jason Fry’s “Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure” novel with writer Alec Worley (2000AD, Warhammer) and colour artist Chris O’Halloran (Black Panther, Spider-Man/Deadpool, Generation Gone) for Panini’s Star Wars Magazine. The “Weapon of a Jedi” adaptation is about to be released in trade paperback edition in Germany. Read more

First Guest confirmed for May 2018 Comic Mart

JAKe, is a UK graphic artist and designer. Although his work has appeared on record sleeves, posters, as toys, and in animated form, his work for Lucasfilm Ltd. has mainly been for merchandise, for both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. Read more